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My MAD journey

I have always loved creating things ever since I can remember and used to love wasting the hours away turning old things into something new and useful. It wasn’t just the process of creating that I loved, it was fond memories of time with family where I was told stories about the good old days and life lessons learned along the way.  I never forgot this and found that after having my two girls Rubie and Daisy, this became more important for me to have a stronger focus on being creative again.

Loving and living in Melbourne I found that there wasn’t a lot of edgy handcrafted Australiana that I could give to friends and family in New Zealand, I didn’t want something from Melbourne made in china. I wanted a gift that was made in Australia and showed I cared about them and missed them….. and so quite by chance (and a creative discussion with a friend of mine Chris) my first product Melbourne wooden coasters were born.