Who would have thought a camera for my 40th birthday would kick off a completely new adventure away from the corporate world into creating Australiana. I was tired of seeing poorly made Australian souvenirs (often not made in Australia) that didn't represent the fantastic culture and iconic images of Melbourne so with a newborn in tow I began my business four years ago with the simple concept of the wooden 'coaster' which has now evolved into many Australian Made products in the MAD collectible range today. I have always been a creative and loved bright colours which is why I try to inject a boldness so MAD stands out from the crowd, so that we are totally 'U'nique.

As a photographer and self taught graphic artist, I am able to meet and work with some wonderful Australian artists and local manufacturers here in Australia. A philanthropist at heart, I wanted my business to be not just about making money but have a positive social impact on others around me. This is now the core to my business success and guides all of the decisions that I make.

As the Dali Lama says "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito".


Keeping it Local and Social

  • We believe in creating Australian made iconic and über cool gifts, souvenirs and homewares that are unique and last!
  • Strong relationships are the key to our success today so we only partner with local Australian people, manufacturers, suppliers and artists
  • It is so important to pay it forward to those that may not be as lucky as us, so we connect with Launch Housing who helps us help those that may end up displaced on the streets of Melbourne
  • If your after a memento from Melbourne, a custom designed product for your client, wall art or just a funky piece of Australiana we have the perfect product for you!



Treading Light

These are some of the ways we minimise our environmental impact.

  • Paper waste -We use recycled paper for our print series and wooden coasters.
  • Wax -Our wax is made in Queensland, sustainable, non toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Carbon Netural -We have partnered with a carbon neutral Melbourne business to produce our iconic coaster series.
  • Production materials -We source recycled manufacturing supplies to use in waxing our wooden coasters.